Suiting of the 1950’s

Suiting of the Fifties

Sartorially, socially, economically, the vivid fifties was a prime time to be alive. The decade succeeding the second world war, this era was celebratory, and clothing was a clear representation of this. The clothing of this era was clean-cut, traditional and conservative. Icons like Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando paved the way for an aesthetic perpetually tattooed to our minds that reflected a playful era. We looked back in time to take you through our favorite fifties suit trends that would appear anything but outdated today.

Double-Breasted Suits

Suits were undoubtedly a pivotal staple in this era, but the fifties also saw a move to the double-breasted suit which allowed men to switch up their usual dressy attire. The double-breasted blazer or waistcoat is currently enjoying a resurgence in street style, and it is a trend that is easy to adapt for different occasions and dress codes. When going for double-breasted blazers, ensure that the fit is perfect. You don’t want to look slouchy or ill-shaped, so contact us for your custom made suit or quality blazer that will stand the test of time in your wardrobe.

What’s your best 50’s style suit ?

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