What does Bespoke mean?

be•spoke adj: said especially of clothes. Making or selling custom-made clothing. A bespoke tailor.

The word bespoke has its roots in Savile Row, where it refers to clothing made to a client’s exact specifications. Bespoke tailoring involves the creation of a unique pattern for each client, differentiating it from made-to-measure, which merely adjusts a standard pre-existing pattern.

What is the difference between Full Bespoke, Semi Bespoke and Made to Measure?

Made to Measure- or MTM for short is an entry level into custom tailoring for beginners, It is working off an existing pattern or block, where minor adjustments are made to the existing block that closely match your size specifications, a number of key measurements are taken and you are limited to what can be altered. Majority of online stores and a number of fashion stores where you provide your own measurements, choose your fabrics and complete your order with a sales person or without physically seeing a tailor/stylist would be offering a MTM service. TDH began offering MTM services in 2017 to cater to the growing demand of people moving away from regular off the rack suit purchases to more individual stylised designs. MTM suits can be ordered online and have no personal tailoring that take into consideration your posture, body shape, nor preferences and act as an entry level into Custom Tailoring. Turnaround time is usually 2-4 weeks. For the sake of simplicity we label this the “Silver” service in custom tailoring.

Fully Bespoke – A full bespoke suit is the premium of custom tailoring services, a new pattern is created according to the individual’s measurements; Fabric is cut and craftily tailored to the wearer’s tastes. A fully bespoke suit is Hand cut and mostly Hand sewn traditionally as it has been done for centuries with full floating canvas, Buffalo horn buttons, and Bemberg Lining. There are 2 to 5 fittings throughout the process (Baste, forward, fin bar fin) depending on individual body structures before the suit is finalised. The process can take anything between 8-12 weeks.

A bespoke suit can essentially be crafted anywhere in the world, as long as it follows the tradition of being crafted by hand from the finest quality of fabrics with an intricate detailed service. We call this the “Platinum” service of custom tailoring.

Semi- Bespoke – A Semi Bespoke suit – is a hybrid of the full bespoke suit and the MTM service. All of the  full bespoke measurements and craftsmanship’s are included, New Individual patterns are drawn up, No limit to design features, the main difference is that it has more machine finishes as opposed to a hand finished Full Bespoke service cutting labour intensive processors in half. Key features of a Semi bespoke suit.

1) It is partially hand finished mostly machine stitched,

2) it is ½ canvassed by default and

3) There are 1 to 2 fittings. The process is usually 4-5 week turnaround

This is our most preferred service- and its our “Gold” service tier of custom tailoring

Where are Tom, Dick & Harry Based?

Tom, Dick & Harry Custom Clothiers are based in Sydney, Australia. It was established and launched in 2005, showcasing its debut collection at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in Melbourne.

I want to get bespoken. How does it work?

We believe ordering custom clothing should be just as fun as wearing it. When you first come in we’ll start by asking a few questions about your tastes and preferences so we get to know you better. Once we know what you like and your budget, we’ll help you choose from our wide range of fabrics and styling details, including a variety linings, buttons, and trims. Tom, Dick and Harry Custom Clothiers offer 3 tiers of services and all are based on your budget and requirements.

  • Full Bespoke (Platinum Service)
  • Semi Bespoke (Gold Service)
  • Made to Measure (Silver Service)

If you need a little extra fashion advice, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our expert and honest style advice. We’ll happily give you our opinion and consultation for free on everything from the cut that works best for your build to patterns and colours that are most flattering on you.

Once you’ve designed your new clothes, we’ll take a whole lot of measurements to ensure a precise fit. Depending on which service option you choose, we will let you know when to come in for your baste fitting or when your garments are completed and schedule you for a fitting. Final fitting alterations for Gold and Silver tiers are generally performed on-site and completed within a few days.

Please note that we also offer both practises of local and offshore Full Bespoke services by our own in house master tailors with a minimum of 30 years’ experience. All tiers offer the same fine English tailoring quality finish. The variations in tiers are only attributed to the cost of labour and its processes, as the skillful art of tailoring requires over 40-60  hours of hand craftsmanship.

How do I schedule an Appointment?

2 Options –

  • Choose your style and purchase and pay for your Suit online, than continue onto scheduling your appointment in our Studio for Free Consultation and measurements. In case you are undecided with your choice of fabric online, that is ok as we will show you a range of fabrics to choose from with 100’s of options. Your decision/choice is not finalised until after we meet with your personally.
  • Book an appointment directly via online booking for your free no obligation consultation. We are strictly by Appointment clothiers;

Note: All first consultations are Free and strictly by appointment only – allow 1 hour for Platinum and Gold bespoke services, and 30 mins for Silver MTM custom service.

What is the process? And how long does it take?

The Process and turnaround takes around 4 to 12 weeks depending on your choice of service – Our Standard and most popular service is our Semi Bespoke Suit.

Full Bespoke Suit order process (Tier 1- Platinum Service)

Our custom suits are handmade in our own bespoke workshops in Sydney or Asia, by our inhouse team of expert tailors. Each of our bespoke suits (and our other garments for that matter) features the finest old-world craftsmanship and hallmarks of quality including:

  • Traditional bench-made construction in the true bespoke tradition
  • Discuss your requirements, we advise on personal suitability to colours, designs, shapes etc.…
  • You choose a fabric, 1000’s of options available based on weight, price
  • Over 40 intricate measurements are taken
  • 50+ hours of craftsmanship
  • Custom, hand sewn full floating canvas
  • Hand rolled lapels
  • Hand set collar
  • Handmade buttonholes – additional options
  • Hand sewn Bemberg linings
  • German Canvas
  • Hand sewn “pick” stitching, bar tacks and half-moon stitches – additional option
  • Hand set pant waistband with canvas interfacing
  • Choice of vibrant linings and bespoke details
  • Top quality trims including genuine buffalo horn buttons  – additional options
  • No less than 2 Baste + final finished garment fitting
  • Perfect Fit Guarantee

Semi Bespoke Suit order process (Tier 2 – Gold Service)

  • Discuss your requirements, we advise on personal suitability to colours, designs, shapes etc.…
  • You choose a fabric, 1000’s of options available based on weight, price
  • Over 30 intricate measurements are taken
  • Custom new individual Pattern is prepared based on measurements, posture and styling ,
  • All custom options as full bespoke services offered
  • Fabric is Ordered and Cut, from your selection of English, Italian or Quality Asian Mills
  • Custom 1/2 Canvas Finish – Full Canvas additional option
  • Construction of Suit commences
  • Partially Hand finished, machine finished button holes.
  • 1st Fitting in Studio or at Popup location. (Some minor adjustments may or may not be required), Garment ready for Collection if no adjustments required.
  • 2nd Fitting in Studio, Garment ready for collection or can be posted.

100% Fit and Satisfaction Guarantee

Made to Measure Suit order process (Tier 3 – Silver Service)

  • Discuss your requirements, we advise on personal suitability to colours, designs, shapes etc.…
  • You choose a fabric, 1000’s of options available based on weight, price
  • Over 20 measurements are taken
  • Custom half canvas construction – Full canvas optional extra’s
  • Use most suitable existing pattern block and make minor adjustments to lengths
  • Fabric is Ordered and Cut, from your selection of English, Italian or Asian Mills
  • Construction of Suit commences
  • 1st Fitting in Studio or at Popup location. (Some minor adjustments may or may not be required), Garment ready for Collection if no adjustments required. Adjustments for this tier only incur additional alteration fees
  • 2nd Fitting in Studio, Garment ready for collection or can be posted.

How much does it cost for a Tom, Dick and Harry Suit?

Suit prices vary depending on fabric and construction selections – quotes based below are on our inhouse fabric selection of Italian Mill Engineering woven in Asia using German made equipment.

Platinum Service – Full Bespoke 2 piece Suit – Start from $1980

Gold Service– Semi Bespoke 2 piece Suit – Start from $1210

Silver Service – Made to Measure 2 piece Suits – Start at $990

Will you develop a full online ordering process?

Since our founding in 2005 we have been crafting and tailoring custom suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, tuxedos, and a wide variety of elegant items limited only to the imagination of the wearer. In our years of experience we have developed deep and lasting relationships with our clientele, as the premise of any true custom business is the hope for years of loyal business and great references.

While it is difficult to translate the true experience of the bespoke process in an online environment, we are working to develop an intriguing online experience for our MTM web platform that would allow us to expand our services to all corners of the globe.  The process will come as close as possible to replicating the personal interaction however will never be as detailed as a bespoke service. In the meantime we have presented below a seasonal selection of suit and shirt fabrics that are available for online orders. If you are currently a custom client, we can easily re-order fabrics using your existing pattern, or you can request modifications, and there is no minimum order. If you would like to become a custom client, please contact us by phone or email as to schedule personal consultation to help you get started.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept Visa and MasterCard using PayPal secure payment for all online Sales- and we’re currently working on more payment options which should be ready soon. Alternatively if you prefer to use you’re your card during your first appointment, we accept Amex, Visa and MasterCard.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars inclusive of GST; Custom orders must be fully paid for prior to the construction of your order.

Where do your Suit fabrics come from and where are they made?

We source a number of fabrics directly from the fabric Mills in England, Italy and Asia passing on savings to our clients. We ensure we only use Australian or New Zealand sourced merino wools. All our patterns are constructed in Australia and garments are made in Asia or Australia based on your choice of service. Our Tailors in Sydney and Asia are trained in the art of traditional English Bespoke Craftsmanship, handed down by generations of Saville Row tailoring, and each have a minimum of 30 years’ experience.

What type of fabrics are your shirts made of?

All of our shirting fabrics are 100% cotton. We don’t sell any poly-blends and most importantly, we hand pick each and every fabric to make sure you get the latest looks and best quality.

Will my shirts shrink?

Our shirts are made of 100% cotton, so naturally you should expect them to shrink slightly after the first few washes. We take this into consideration when making your dress shirts so please keep this in mind when you first try it on.

Will my measurement and design profiles be saved for future orders?

Yes! We only have to take your measurements on your first order. As long as you don’t fluctuate in sizes and your account is setup, your design profiles and measurements will be saved for easier ordering next time.

Why Choose TDH custom suit over other tailoring business?

  • Experience – TDH didn’t just stumble into custom tailoring like some of our competitors that thought it would be a great idea. We have been designing and producing ready to wear and custom clothing for years. Founder and Designer Faydi Saddik has over 20 years designing and showcasing his Collections on international runways in Australia, the UK and Japan.
  • Quality – We provide you with many options based on your budget, one thing we don’t do is cut corners with the construction of our suits. All our Suits are made with traditional techniques passed down for years. The choice of fabric and its internal construction determine the price.

What is the construction of your suits?

Suits advertised online (unless specified) are Half-canvas construction by default using Chinese Premium grade horse hair canvas; full-canvas is available at an additional upgrade. Our Semi Bespoke suits are machine and hand finished. Our MTM service is mostly Machine made.

Our jackets are constructed with a floating canvas through the shoulder and chest. A floating canvas is sewn into the lapel and armhole to be soft and form fitting to the body. Premium Canvas is sourced from Germany, all layers of canvassing are constructed with natural fibres so the jacket can breathe and shape correctly.

How should I care for my new clothes?

  1. Dry clean your suits only when they’re dirty, ideally not more than three to four times a year. The chemicals used by dry cleaners can damage the fabric, and unfortunately, the finer and more expensive the wool, the more delicate it is.
  2. After each wear, hang your suit outside the closet overnight so that moisture and odour can escape the fabric. Hang your trousers long ways from the bottom hem with a pant hanger – this allows the weight of the garment to pull out wrinkles naturally, thus reducing the need for pressing.
  3. Do not use starch on your shirts. It makes the cotton fibres brittle, which in turn can cause the fabric to wear out more quickly. Also, be sure to remove your collar stays as they can cause scorch marks if left in when the shirt is pressed.

How can I edit or delete my personal information?

Your personal information can be accessed at any time in the My Account section, by logging in with your email address and password. Updating your personal information will help us to ensure that what is kept on our system is accurate, relevant and complete. You are able to delete the information whenever you would prefer.

Additionally, if we believe the information that you have provided is incorrect, for example if we cannot identify your shipping address on our system, we shall contact you to ensure that what is provided is correct.