Quality & Construction

Quality and Construction

Merino Wool is breathable, absorbent and is comfortable next to the skin. The natural crimp of merino wool fibers promotes entrapment of air between the wool fibers, acting as an insulator against both hot and cold temperatures. Each fiber can absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy or wet to the touch. Merino wool can absorb and release considerably more moisture than synthetics. Due to wool’s inability to host odor producing bacteria, wool fabrics are not susceptible to odors commonly associated with base layer clothing.

TDH offers 3 different Tiers of Construction: Full Bespoke, Semi Bespoke and Made to Measure. Please read our FAQ’s for more detail.

 Jacket Features for a Semi Bespoke Construction

  • Traditional Half Canvas Construction – where hand stitching of hair canvas to the front of the suit jacket is involved , the lapels roll naturally as they should , no bubbling on the lapels due to no fuse on that area.
  • Shoulder pads are made to suit different styles and different body-figures, the shoulder pad is individually cut for each customer according to their body types.
  • All buttons are hand-sewn to yield durability with a soft and flexible feel. Also the under collars are felt lined to provide extra roll.Our tailors make sure that the pattern and stripe in the fabric match properly. All these features can be found only in expensive custom tailored clothes.
  • Double layered arm shields keep moisture and odors from being absorbed by shell fabric reducing the need for dry cleaning.
  • Jackets are tailored with double piped and flap lower front pockets. With this feature, jacket can be worn conservatively with the flaps outside the pockets, or stylishly with the flaps inside the pockets.
  • We have designed our jackets to be both functional and elegant. Jackets are tailored with extra deep and wide pockets, and also plenty of pockets on the inside. These pockets can carry your stuffs no matter wearing the jacket buttoned or unbuttoned, and the jacket still retains a clean and smooth appearance.
  • Pen and pencil pocket, passport pocket, business card pocket and/or mobile phone pocket.
  • We tailor all single-breasted jackets with notch lapels and all double-breasted jackets with peak lapels. Jackets are Half lined by default unless specified as fully lined options
  • Mostly we use SLR/Scanned images of products on our website, the color may differ due to screen settings.
    Also many images are for representation purpose only, our designers may change the style according to specific inputs and may vary from designer to designer.