Grey Window Pane 100’s

Grey Window Pane, super 100’s fine Merino 100% wool

$ 1,100.00



Thin Maroon Window Pane on grey fabric with subtle double navy check’s are chosen by personalities who can play up their unconventionality without losing their credibility. The navy squares on the grey background show a mature self-confidence and a youthful entrepreneurship which is preferred for double button jackets with smaller or wider collars. Brown suede shoes and a cheerful tie complement an outfit capable of underlining the two opposing facets of masculinity: strength and delicacy.

finished with our choice of lining that compliments the fabric for a knockout combination

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Price quoted is for a 2 piece semi bespoke service (1/2 canvased) suit finish.

If you prefer a MTM service using the same fabric; Tom, Dick & Harry’s made to measure suits  start from $770 for a 2 piece.